HANGING LARGE DECOR: Made Easy with Plott

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Have you ever had a large picture or shelf that you wanted to hang, but didn’t know exactly where you wanted it? I’ve been there too many times! I usually end up awkwardly trying to hold the item on the wall while envisioning how it looks from afar. This often results in many holes in the wall.

When Plott reached out to me about trying their Cubit along with their app (LetsPlott), I jumped at the opportunity. I am all about new technology that makes my life easier!

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LetsPlott App

The LetsPlott app is a great design tool that allows you to see the finished product before putting a single hole in the wall. This app allows you to import images of the items you want to install with the background being your actual wall. You are able to move the items around in the app until you are satisfied with their placement. Once you finalize the location of the items, you can use the Cubit tool to locate the hanging points on your wall. I had a few large items that I wanted to hang in a bedroom and thought this would be perfect!

I always like to be transparent with my projects and this is no exception. I fully expected to quickly knock out my first project with the Cubit and LetsPlott app in no time. I did discover that there is a learning curve with the app. It is very new technology and they are constantly updating the app, so I’m sure it will be super user friendly soon! Luckily, Plott has several tutorial videos online to help with the learning process in the meantime. It took me a few tries to really feel comfortable using the app, but once I got the hang of it, it made this project a breeze!

I started with a blank slate for this project. I had two large, empty walls that were screaming for something to warm them up. Instead of cluttering up the wall above the bed with several pictures or smaller items, I decided to make one large item.

I wanted to bring in a little warmth with some stained wood. I considered adding a wreath, but decided to change it up a little. I used a hot glue gun to attach eucalyptus stems to a piece of wood and ended up with the wall art below. It may not look very big, but this piece of art is roughly 6′ long by 1′ tall.

Normally, I would try to hold it above the bed to get an idea of how it would look. I would take my best guess as to how high above the bed I wanted to hang it, almost certainly getting it wrong. Cue Plott to the rescue!

For my first project using the LetsPlott app, I used their AR feature to measure the wall. You start by selecting the corners of the wall that you will be working with. In this case, I selected the bottom left corner first and then the top right corner. I chose to measure from the top of the baseboard to the bottom of the crown molding instead of going floor to ceiling. I figured it would be easier to locate my hanging points using the Cubit this way.

Once I had my plane with the dimensions, I was able to add my item. Since it was so long, I had to take a picture of my item and crop it outside of the LetsPlott app before importing it. When the item is on the background, you are able to move it around until you are happy with the placement. I absolutely love this feature! This takes the guesswork out of how the piece of art will look in relation to the other items!

The final step is to locate your hanging points for the item. The LetsPlott app connects to the Cubit. Using the measurement wheel of the Cubit and the direction of the app, you are able to quickly locate the hanging points.

Believe it or not, I only put one set of holes in the wall for this piece of art! Hanging this was much less of a struggle than if I had relied on a measuring tape…and there was no math required!

The Cubit

My favorite part of this technology is the Cubit measuring tool! I only used it to locate the hanging points with this piece of art, but there are so many great features of this little tool!

The other wall of this room was completely blank and even bigger than the wall with the bed. I decided to fill it up with a large picture ledge and some botanical prints. I ended up making an 8′ long picture ledge.

While I didn’t need to measure the picture ledge, I did need to figure out where to hang it on the wall. Measuring a large wall with a measuring tape by myself is frustrating to say the least! The beauty of the Cubit is that it can measure using either the dual axis laser or the measurement wheel. To measure the length of this wall, I decided to use the laser feature. I determined the dimensions to center it on the wall and used the rolling wheel to locate the picture ledge on the wall.

While the app does require some work to be able to efficiently use it, I do see the many benefits of it and it’s very exciting to use such cutting edge technology!  There are so many great features of the Cubit and LetsPlott and I can guarantee that I’ll be using it for most of my DIY projects from now on!

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