That’s right…I might be crazy, but I accepted the challenge and will be making and renovating a mudroom! I am so excited to announce that I have been selected to participate in the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge! This is a six week competition where myself and ten other DIY bloggers will renovate a space of our choice.

I absolutely love our home and have only been making cosmetic changes up until this point. When I considered renovating a room where I would install tile, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create the mudroom that I have always wanted!

What is a Mudroom?

For some reason, I thought that the concept of a mudroom was common knowledge. During one of my trips to my local home improvement stores, I was informed that was not the case. The associate at this store thought it was a room where I would play with mud. Although my boys would love that…I will NOT be creating a room where they can play with mud!

A mudroom is a room where you can enter your home, take off your shoes, drop your belongings and try to contain the mess. With two little boys and two dogs, this will be used as a room to remove muddy shoes and prevent us from tracking the daily mess throughout our home. Ever since having kids, we have tried to not wear our shoes in the house. They are disgusting when you think about it, so why not keep them in their own room?!

My hopes for the Mudroom

Our front entryway is currently the dropping place for jackets, bags, shoes, you name it! I recently updated this space with a board and batten wall. I would love to keep this space clean and move the mess from the entryway to the mudroom.

Another issue I would like to resolve is the pile of mail that is currently sitting on our kitchen counter. It drives me crazy! I hope to add a space to organize everyone’s mail and neatly store it.

I have high hopes for this mudroom and am so incredibly excited about the idea of bringing it to life!

Mudroom Plans

We currently have a large playroom in the back of our home. There is one door that leads to the exterior and another door that leads to an attached garage. What better place to create a mudroom than the playroom?!

In order to create the mudroom, I will be building a wall to separate the exterior doors from the playroom. There will be lots of shiplap, beautiful tile, and a large built-in unit. The best part…I will be taking it on all by myself (with a limited amount of help from my father-in-law and husband)!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this opportunity and hope that you will follow along with my progress! Starting next week, I will be sharing my progress weekly. Check back to see what I get accomplished in the first week!

Oh, and we will be competing for a dream vacation…so I’ll need your help with voting in a few weeks! Thank you so much for your support and hope you enjoy watching me create the mudroom of my dreams! Stay tuned for updates and tips along the way!