My Favorite Console Tables

In this article, we’ll talk about console tables and cabinets and how they can elevate a space. Console cabinets are versatile pieces of furniture that can significantly enhance the beauty and functionality of any space. Whether placed in an entryway, living room, or dining area, console tables and cabinets offer practical storage solutions and an overall aesthetic contribution to a space!

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For the design above, I purchased two of these console cabinets and pushed them together to create a larger storage space and surface for decor.

In an entryway, a console cabinet can serve as a welcome into a home. It provides a surface for decorative items such as lamps, vases, picture frames, and coffee table books. It also offers a convenient spot to place keys, mail, and other essentials so they are always within reach.

This Nathan James Arched Console Table is my all time favorite. I’m dreaming of a design I can use this table in! It looks amazing standing alone and pushed together with one or two others.

Nathan James Arched Console Table

I found a few other small console cabinet options I think would look great pushed together in any space!

  1. Black Rattan Console Cabinet
  2. Tan Rattan Console Cabinet
  3. Black Fluted Console Cabinet
  4. Tan Rattan Cabinet with Arched Detail

Here are a few examples of multiple console cabinets pushed together to create one, long, cohesive piece of furniture. Designs like these could also largely benefit a dining area. These cabinets are perfect for storing dinnerware and table linens. They can also serve as a buffet area during large gatherings. Console cabinets have dual functionality in a dining space!

  1. Tan Rattan Console
  2. Black Rattan Console
  3. Tan Rattan Console with drawers

Longer console tables are a great option as well. These would look great in a living room as a media console or an accent piece behind a sofa. Similarly, these can be used for storage as well as a surface for decorative pieces.

  1. Tan Fluted Console Cabinet
  2. Black Fluted Console Cabinet
  3. Black/Tan Rattan Console Cabinet

Overall, console tables and cabinets do so much for a space. They can truly elevate a space while providing practicality. They can be beautiful too!

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