My Favorite Outdoor Planters

With summer in full swing, I decided to plant multiple types of fragrant plants in my backyard to serve as a natural bug repellant and to elevate the space. You can read more about the plants I chose here. I have multiple outdoor planters that I love. In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite outdoor planters!

**This post contains affiliate links to products that I used or recommend. If you purchase something through an affiliate link, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. I really appreciate your support!**

Table Top Planters

I love these table top planters for smaller plants. They add a great decorative piece for any outdoor table. Additionally, having specific fragrant outdoor plants on an outdoor table will keep bugs away if you’re having a meal outside in the summer!

Here are some of my favorite table top bowl planters:

  1. Small Concrete Table Top Planter
  2. Small Terracotta Table Top Planter
  3. Small Arc Pot

Floor Planters

These types of planters work great for larger plants or arrangements of multiple plants. Floor planters come in all different styles, colors and sizes.

Here are a few of my favorite floor planters. I especially love the first one – it’s self watering and has a trellis so the plants will grow upward! I have three of these with tomatoes, snap peas and raspberries planted it them.

  1. Self-Watering Planter with Trellis
  2. Kante Weathered Concrete Tall Planter
  3. Black Fluted Planter
  4. Concrete Fluted Planter
  5. Veradek Round Lima Planter
  6. Kante Slate Gray Concrete Planter

Planter Boxes

I just recently installed planter boxes in my backyard where I made arrangements of fragrant outdoor plants. Here are a few of my favorite planter boxes. I have the sage green one in several spots in my backyard and I absolutely love it!

  1. Green Galvanized Planter Bed – Short Rectangular
  2. Black Galvanized Planter Bed – Long Oval
  3. White Galvanized Planter Bed – Long Rectangular

Planter Sets

Online stores have options to purchase planter sets. I love that mixing planter sets to maintain a cohesive feel. Many of these sets provide the same style planter with multiple different sizes. Here are a few of my favorites!

  1. Kante Black Planter Set
  2. Weathered Concrete Planter Set
  3. Veradek Fluted Planter Set

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