BATHROOM EXPANSION: Finishing Touches + Final Reveal

Today is the day…we have crossed the finish line! The bathroom is complete!

This Jeffrey Court All-Star Renovation Challenge was a success and we have arrived at the final reveal! It’s a great feeling to finish up a big renovation and I am so excited to share the finished product!

The Before

If you haven’t been following along, let me start by sharing the original space. It was a very small half bathroom that I recently updated. Not long after we moved into our home, we decided we would expand this half bathroom into a full at some point but didn’t expect it to happen any time soon.


As soon as I found out about the Jeffrey Court All-Star Renovation Challenge, I knew this would be the perfect space to renovate! There’s something exhilarating about tackling a large renovation on a tight deadline…while everyone is watching.

During the planning phase, I had contractors price out some of the work. I was shocked by the quotes! It’s incredible how much money you can save by doing the work yourself…which is exactly what my husband and I did. I must say, I am very impressed with what we accomplished in just five short weeks (and we’re still happily married)!

Shiplap Wall

My initial design for the bathroom included installing tile on every wall. After tiling the three main walls in the bathroom, I decided that I needed to soften it up just a bit. The room echoed just a little and I thought it would feel cold if I tiled the last partial wall. Instead of installing tile, I decided to install my next favorite thing…SHIPLAP!


I installed shiplap on the ceiling and carried the lines of the shiplap down the wall. This created a nice flow to the room. The floor tile carried up the shower wall and the shiplap went from the ceiling down the other wall.

As soon as it was installed, I taped off the tile so I could get it painted. If you’ve seen any of my other projects, you know that my favorite painter’s tape is FrogTape. I’ve tried several and no others compare! I always get nice, crisp lines and it does an excellent job of protecting the other surfaces.

I painted all of the shiplap and the door with Behr Marquee Ultra Pure White in a semi-gloss finish. I went with a semi-gloss finish for ease of cleanup. I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite paint!

The Finishing Touches

With all of the walls complete…it was time to start moving everything in! The first piece that we installed was the toilet. I decided to replace our elongated toilet with a compact one. The new toilet was only 24″ long as compared to the original toilet that was 28″. Gaining 4″ of space may not seem like much, but it made a huge difference in this bathroom!

Once the toilet was installed, it was time to bring in the vanity. I couldn’t wait to see the finished vanity in the space! I like adding at least one handmade piece to my renovations and the vanity was it for this project. I used Behr Early American water based stain and it really warmed up the space!


One task that I put off as long as possible was installing the shower glass. Drilling into the tile was one thing…installing shower glass is a whole other thing! I finally got up the courage to install the glass and my husband and I were able to knock it out in just over an hour! It was finally starting to feel like a bathroom!!


I installed our original sink on the new vanity base and replaced the faucet with a beautiful modern faucet from the Pfister Faucet Tenet collection. We installed several items from the Tenet collection in this bathroom and I absolutely love them! My favorite thing might be the beautiful matte black rain shower head!


With the vanity in place, I knew that I needed to add more stained wood to the room. I had just enough plywood leftover from the vanity to make two floating shelves. The shelves were the perfect compliment to the vanity!


One of the fun things that I realized after all of the tile was installed was that I cut the tile according to the original light fixture, which I intended to replace. When I installed the new light fixture, it was very obvious that the tile did not cover enough of the wall opening.

I was not a huge fan of the standard ceiling medallions as they were very decorative. Instead of buying a pre-made one, I decided to make one myself. I purchased this recessed lighting trim.

My husband cut it so that I could use just the main ring. I spray painted it black and it was perfect!

The Final Reveal

I am so excited to share the final results of all the planning and hard work. Without further ado, I present to you the final reveal of our new full bathroom!


What bathroom renovation is complete without a bathroom selfie?!

That’s a wrap!

I feel like I’m really starting to get the hang of these renovation challenges! Thank you so much to Jeffrey Court for inviting me to participate in the All-Star Renovation Challenge and to all of my sponsors that made it possible! Please don’t forget to vote!!

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  1. This new bath looks so sleek, very hotel vibe. Getting some great inspiration for an upcoming makeover. Fun to play along with you guys, V

    • NICOLE says:

      Thank you so much!! It really was a fun renovation challenge! Loved watching you renovate your space as well!