Anyone else looking for ways to make Easter exciting and fun this year?! We’ve been trapped in the house for a few weeks now and can certainly use some joy!

For this project, I am only using supplies that I have on hand.  Our state is currently under a Shelter-in-Place order and we are only leaving the house for groceries.  (Side note: I hope I look back on this post one day and think about all of the quality time I was able to spend with my family.) Here’s how my boys and I created this Easter art.

Choose Your Canvas

I decided to use some scrap plywood that I had in my garage for the artwork.  You can also use a canvas or even an old piece of art for this project.


I cut my plywood into squares (they ended up being roughly 7″ squares). Once they were cut, I used 220 grit sandpaper to smooth them out and remove any rough edges. I wiped off all of the sawdust and applied a white primer to the front surface and edges.

Apply Painter’s Tape to the Canvas

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Once the primer was dry, I put several pieces of painter’s tape on the wood. I used FrogTape because I always get nice, crisp lines with it. I didn’t want to go through all of the work and end up with bad paint lines.

Cut Design in Tape

For a little excitement and variety, I chose to make two different designs. I made two bunnies for my boys (I knew it would be an issue if I gave them different designs) to paint and a bunny face for me.

Using the big end of a glass and a hobby knife, I cut out the large circle for the bunny. I made sure not to cut where the big and small circles would intersect. I then flipped the glass over and cut the small circle. I just freehand cut the ears to finish off the bunnies.

As for the bunny face, I started by drawing the face on the tape with a pen. I went back with the hobby knife and cut along the pen lines. I came up with the idea for the bunny face by doing a quick Pinterest search for “Easter silhouette”. There are so many options and ideas…so have fun with it!

Remove the Tape to Paint

I decided to remove the tape around the bunny and bunny face. The places where I left the tape will remain white and the rest will be painted. You could easily change this up and remove the bunny and bunny face tape and paint these instead.

Time to Paint

Now that my design was taped off, it was time for some paint! My boys decided they wanted to use blue and green paints. Luckily, I had some paint samples that were the perfect Easter colors!

We used a round brush that was meant for stenciling and dabbed the paint on the primed wood. We made sure to paint all around the tape so that we would have nice lines.

Remove the Tape

With painter’s tape, I find that it’s best to remove it not long after painting. If you wait too long, it will not come off easily…but you don’t want to take it off too early because the wet paint might ruin the clean lines. I carefully removed the tape not long after the paint had dried.

Make Pom Poms

Once the tape was removed from the bunnies, I felt as though they were lacking something. I decided a little cotton tail would be the perfect finishing touch! Unfortunately, I did not have any pom poms on hand for the tails, so I had to make them.

I started by cutting a small piece of cardboard. I wrapped yarn around the cardboard several times. This was trial and error for me since I’ve never made pom poms before…I made sure I had plenty of yarn on the cardboard.

After I was convinced I had enough yarn on the cardboard, I slid all of the yarn off of the cardboard making sure that it didn’t unravel. I tightly tied a piece of yarn around the center of the bundle. I then cut all of the loops and trimmed the pom poms until they were perfect little cotton tails.

I secured the pom poms to the wood using my hot glue gun. The pom poms were definitely the perfect finishing touch!


I hope you enjoy making this easy DIY Easter art as much as we did and that it brings just a little bit of joy to your family during this crazy time!