Our Little Man Cave has become one of my favorite rooms in our home! Based on the layout of our house, we chose to put both of the boys in the room next to ours. Fair warning: this was not an easy transition from them having their own rooms and we still occasionally have issues with it.

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Side note: I made the “LITTLE MAN CAVE” sign shown above for our playroom. I painted over an old painting (great way to save money and re-purpose an old painting). I used my Cricut Explore Air wireless cutting machine to cut the ORACAL 651 permanent vinyl that I used for the letters. I highly recommend the Cricut if you are looking to make signs for your home! More on this sign and others that I have made in future posts…

I really liked the look of geometric wallpaper, but couldn’t justify the cost. Instead, I tried my hand at painting lines on the walls using painters tape.
At first, I considered just leaving the tape and not painting at all…I thought the tape looked really neat.

When I did paint the lines and remove the tape, I was a little disappointed. The lines were not clean and the paint ran under the tape (I’m not sure if it was the tape or the slight texture to the wall that created the problem). I ended up using a straight edge and paint pen to go back over all of the lines…which took forever! I eyed all of the lines, so they certainly aren’t perfect, but I love the way it turned out!

Next up…repainting the off-white closet doors. Black paint and white walls make the room feel much cleaner. I believe that my obsession with black began with this room.

For the longest time, the room looked a little chaotic with both a bed and a crib in the room. I tried everything to make it look cohesive…but finally threw in the towel and moved my baby to a big boy bed. We made the transition when he was a year and a half and he actually slept much better in the bed than the crib, so it was well worth it! It is also much more comfortable for me to sleep with him a real bed than a crib. There were a few nights I could be found curled up in the crib with him…

My husband’s parents gave us his solid wood beds from when he was a kid; nice solid wood and sturdy hardware, something furniture doesn’t seem to be built out of anymore. They were designed to be stand alone beds or bunk beds. I am not a huge fan of bunk beds for little kids (for safety reasons), so I had to come up with another solution for how to make them both fit in the room. I painted frames black (again…I have a slight obsession with black now). The beds just happened to fit perfectly between the walls with very little clearance. I hope I don’t have to move them any time soon.

There was one last wall that hadn’t been touched. I purchased a cheap chalk board that was framed with unfinished wood. I used one of my favorite stains (Minwax Special Walnut Wood Stain) to finish it off.

My amazing mother made four buckets to hold chalk and I found this row of hooks to perfectly display them. My B+C room is complete!

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? -Dr. Seuss