When we moved into our home, we had open shelving in the kitchen AND a pantry with no doors. I am a neat freak and although I keep my kitchen tidy, I really like hiding everything behind doors.

My attempt at organizing the pantry consisted of buying several gray bins from Target. I very neatly organized the pantry and it looked great…for about a week. Between my kids digging through all of the bins and items not finding their way back to their spot, I decided it was time for pantry doors.

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This is about the time that I gave up…

Due to space constraints, I opted for French doors. The door opening was too small for two standard sized doors, so I went with a bi-fold door. I removed the hinges from the bi-fold door and patched the holes with spackling. I then painted the doors…black, of course!

Since we had to replace all of the door hinges in our home, we had a few of the matte black door hinges left over that I used for the pantry doors. I had to do a little chiseling of the doors to install the hinges, which was surprisingly easy. I installed the inside frame, where I installed the magnetic door catch (shown below).

For some reason, I always like to install my hardware last. I guess I’m a little worried that I might install it at an awkward height if I install them before the door is hung. I chose to go with the same cast iron cabinet handle pulls that I used in our kitchen.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to hide the mess in our pantry. The black doors aren’t bad to look at either…I consider it a success!