Ok, so maybe it isn’t a “quarters,” but I have always wanted to have a special place for visitors when they spend the night. I want our home to be welcoming and comfortable for everyone. I love hosting and know that people are more likely to want to stay with us if they enjoy our visit and have a cozy place to rest their head.

With our third home, I had the perfect space and motivation to make a great guest bedroom. It’s funny how Instagram can do that to you…I have no intentions of starting a new project, until I see a photo…then BAM! I feel like I have to complete this project now!! I follow angelarose_diyhome on Instagram and fell in love with an accent wall that she shared. I loved the design, but REALLY loved the color that she used on the accent wall. I chose to replicate her accent wall in our guest bedroom (no reason to change something that you love…right?!).

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We relocated an upholstered platform bed from another bedroom. I purchased a foam mattress online, which turned out to be super comfy. If you’ve never purchased a foam mattress online…I highly recommend it. They come nicely rolled and wrapped in a fairly small package (for a mattress). Once the wrapping is cut, they unroll and expand. It does take a few days for them to take shape, but once they do, you’ll have a very comfortable mattress!

I started by painting the entire accent wall. I was afraid that if I installed the wood for the accent wall and them painted, it would be a nightmare if I ever decided to pull the accent pieces off of the wall and repaint. Once the wall was painted, I moved on to the trim pieces. I used 1″ x 2″ wood that was 8′ long. I cut and painted all of the wood before I installed them.

First, I installed the “outline” of the trim. I then installed the vertical pieces. I chose to install six vertical pieces and equally spaced them on the wall. The final piece of the puzzle was the horizontal pieces. I did two horizontal lines across the wall. I secured the wood to the wall using finishing nails. Normally, I would use a construction adhesive as well as the nails, but I was afraid I might want to change it in the future. I always run through the “what if’s” of a project before I start…I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing..

The next bit of motivation came from another Instagram account, thatcrazygoodlife. Sarah shared an Ikea nightstand that she bought unfinished and it looked too good to pass up. I painted the frame and knobs with a black semi-gloss paint. For the front of the drawers, I used my favorite stain, Minwax Special Walnut. I finished them off with polyurethane. It’s incredible how different Ikea furniture can look with a little customization!

I installed an industrial wall sconce above each nightstand. A last minute addition to the room was two small shelves. I dragged my husband back to Ikea and found some unfinished spice racks. I painted them black and added a few plants to finish off the room.

The guest bedroom has turned into a special little place of our home. I wish we spent more time in here…guess we’ll just need to have more guests over soon!