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Aren’t projects so much easier when you have the correct tools?! I own a Gorilla Ladders single platform ladder and have been using it for some time now. I added the dual platform ladder to my collection for this project and it took things to the next level! It could possibly be the only ladder I will need for all of my projects! I wanted to refresh my entryway and I was able to use my new Gorilla Ladders dual platform ladder for everything from painting to changing out my light fixtures. Let me share a few of my favorite features of this ladder with you!

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Removable Bucket Tray

The entryway refresh all started with a new coat of paint. While I did love the black around the top of the wall, I wanted to brighten things up a bit. I love painting because it is an easy and affordable way to really change up a space! The only issue I usually have with painting is accessing the top portion of the wall. I was a little concerned that painting the top perimeter of the entryway would be more of a pain than anything. I just kept envisioning myself climbing up and down the ladder every time I needed to reload my roller..

My favorite feature of the dual platform ladder just might be the removable bucket tray! I figured it would be worth trying to balance the paint tray on the bucket tray to avoid going up and down the ladder. Not only did it work, the paint tray actually fit on the bucket tray really well! I’m a messy painter and was afraid I would knock the paint tray onto the floor, but that was not the case, it stayed in place!

Once the walls were painted, it was time to replace the old light fixtures that I just did not love. I had a really crazy idea to make light fixtures from wooden bowls…and it actually worked! I could not wait to get them up and the dual platform ladder made the install super easy.

When replacing light fixtures, I like to have everything I need within reach. This includes the new light fixture, screw drivers, screws, electrical tape, wire nuts, etc. I was amazed by how much the project tray could hold! It was even able to hold the large wooden bowl light fixtures!!

Dual Standing Platforms

I don’t know about you, but when I’m working overhead or at any significant height, I want to feel safe with the ladder that I’m standing on. The dual standing platforms give me even more standing space with three times the depth of a traditional ladder. Although I did not need the dual platforms while painting, I did use them when I was replacing the light fixtures. I feel much more secure when standing on the two platforms of this ladder!

The dual platform also allows me to reach even further than the single platform ladder. The only downside to my single platform ladder was that I couldn’t access my tray ceilings. The dual platform ladder eliminates the height restriction with a maximum reach height of 10ft. I can now easily reach my tray ceilings, making this ladder even more useful!

Lightweight and Sturdy

Aluminum ladders are usually lightweight, but the design is what makes them sturdy and durable. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Gorilla Ladders are very durable and the designs are well thought out! I know that when I stand on my ladder, I don’t have to worry that it might sway or feel unsteady.

No Pinch Point Opening

Maybe it’s just me, but I have pinched my fingers more times than I would like to admit when opening and closing traditional ladders. I usually fumble to get them locked and unlocked. The Gorilla Ladders Dual Platform Ladder has a handle on the top platform that eliminates any pinch points and makes it easy to open and close the ladder. I’m all for tools that are easy and safe to use!

I absolutely love the dual platform ladder and this will be my go to ladder for all of my projects!