Want to add some greenery to your door or walls without the bulkiness of a traditional wreath?! Try making this simple modern wreath!


It adds the perfect amount of character to any space without being overwhelming. I absolutely love the clean design of the wire ring with the warmth of the greenery!

I have moved it around to several different spots in our home. It started on the shiplap above our fireplace and ended up in our mudroom on our weekly calendar.

The best part of this modern wreath…it’s quick and easy to make!

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Gather the Supplies

As with all projects, I like to gather all of my supplies before I begin. I hate having to run around the house when I am trying to quickly finish a project.

I needed the following items for this project:


Spray the Ring

Before I did anything else, I sprayed the metal rings with a gold spray paint. I wanted to give the rings plenty of time to dry before I added the greenery.


If you like the look of the silver ring, you could skip this step…or you could buy a gold ring (these weren’t available in the store)!

Attach the Stems to the Wire Ring

I started out with several different types of stems, and decided to use faux eucalyptus stems. Using my wire cutters, I cut the stems shorter.


I used a hot glue gun to attach the stems to the wire ring. I randomly placed one on each side until it was full enough. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Once all of the stems were glued to the ring, I wrapped the green wire around the spots where I glued the stems. This will not only hide the glue, it will also keep the stems secured to the ring.


Attach the Hanging Rope

I wanted to add just a little bit of character to the hanging rope. I stained a few wooden beads with a dark walnut wood stain (if you like the look of the natural wood beads, just skip the stain).

Before I strung them on the rope, I laid them out to determine how many I needed. I thought that eight beads made the perfect hanging length!

I tied a knot in one end of the rope to make a hanging loop. In order to easily string the beads on the rope, I put a small piece of painters tape on the end of the rope.


I then strung the beads on the rope and tied a knot at the end.


The final step was tying the hanging rope to the ring. I made a knot tight against the ring and cut off the extra rope. That’s it! Making this modern wreath was so quick and easy!!


I chose to keep my modern wreath very simple. It’s a great way to add a pop of green to any room in our home! Since I decided to just use stems and no seasonal touches, I am able to keep it up year round. If you want it to be used as seasonal decor, you could add colorful stems or flowers!


Doesn’t it look great in our mudroom on our weekly calendar?!

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