DIY Electric Fireplace Built-In: A Guide To Your Most Asked Questions

It has officially been 1 year since completing my DIY electric fireplace built-in in our living room. I am still loving everything about it and it truly completes our living room space! This post is going to be all about the most asked questions that I have received regarding our built-in fireplace.

Finished fireplace frame.

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DIY Electric Fireplace Most Frequently Asked Questions

Creating this list of most asked questions will make it easier for those of you that are also building yourself a built-in fireplace. Read through these questions and for a more detailed tutorial, you can read my two other post:

1. What Are The Overall Dimensions Of The Fireplace And Bookshelves?

I’m going to start out with the most asked questions I get multiple times a week! Dimensions!

  • The overall width of this wall is 158″ (just over 13′). Our ceilings are 8′ tall.
  • The bookcases are roughly 38″ wide and 16-1/2″ deep including the trim.
  • The width of the center part of the built-in is roughly 74″ wide (trim of bookcase to trim of bookcase).
  • The television is 65″ and the electric fireplace is 60″ wide.

Down below is the Sketchup drawings of the fireplace frame construction. I used 2×6’s for this project because the insert I chose requires that instead of 2×4’s. You will find all the dimensions for the exact fireplace I built for our living room below. Please note that these dimensions are specific to the fireplace, TV and soundbar that I purchased.

Fireplace frame.
Top dimensions of the fireplace frame.
Bottom dimensions of the fireplace frame.

2. What Tv Mount Did You Use And How Do You Access The Back?

One aspect of the framing that caused me the most concern was the placement of the TV mount. I wanted to achieve perfect centering within the custom cutout for the TV. The full motion TV wall mount I selected was perfect, offering extensive adjustment options in every direction. This allowed me to flawlessly center the TV within the built-in opening.

Another common question I receive is about accessing the back of the TV. The purchased mount has a unique feature that allows the TV to extend slightly beyond the drywall, and I can twist the television. Thanks to these features, accessing the back of the TV and the wall behind is a breeze.

Getting behind the TV.

3. Which Electric Fireplace Insert Did You Buy?

The electric fireplace insert I went with was the PuraFlame Alice 60 Inch Recessed Electric Fireplace. I am still really happy with this purchase, the insert comes with a couple of features that stood out to me. I loved that this insert had a temperature mode, you actually have the choice of two different heat settings.

There are 14 different effects to choose from when it comes to the LED color display and you can pick to either use the logs or crystals for inside the insert! This insert looked the most real to me of the units that I considered.

DIY fireplace build.

4. What Stain Color Did You Use On Your Shelves?

This is another really popular question I get asked a ton! I wrote a full article about it HERE. But, I actually came up with a BEHR stain combo out of three separate water-based stains from Behr. I have used this in just about in every room of our house!

  • 1 Part Golden Pecan
  • 1 Part White Wash Pickling
  • 1/2 Part Early American

Water based stain dries really quickly, so when I use this stain I work fast and only apply as much as I need. When I go to apply it, I go in the direction of the grain for the length of the board, and immediately wipe off any excess.

Go to stain combo.

I hope this answered some of your questions! If there is a question you have and it hasn’t been answered in this article or my other two fireplace articles feel free to reach out and let me know!

**Note: I am not a professional and do not claim to be an expert. Please be sure to always read instructions for all tools and products. Safety is very important and should be your top priority. Wear necessary protection when using tools (eye wear, hearing protection, gloves, etc.) and dust masks when sanding or cutting. Simply Aligned Home is not responsible for any injury or damage. All of my designs are not professionally designed and are for private use only.**

Items Used for Built-In Fireplace

Tools Used For Building Fireplace & Bookshelves

Materials Used For Building Fireplace

Materials Used For Building Bookshelves

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