It seems like concrete projects are super popular right now. Concrete counter tops were the first of the trend and now concrete bowls and decor have become super popular! Instead of using concrete, I have been using mortar that was left over from our bathroom expansion. I recently saw concrete rings and decided to give a mortar wreath a try!


I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make the mortar wreath…here’s how I did it!

Gather the Supplies

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Below is a list of materials and tools that I used to make the mortar wreath:

Mix the Mortar

Only a small amount of mortar is needed for this wreath. I, unfortunately, mixed way too much mortar at first. I would recommend mixing a little mortar at a time.


Mix it by putting mortar in the mixing bowl and adding water until it is the consistency of pancake batter. It is better for it to be a little watery than too dry.


Apply the Mortar

Once the mortar is mixed, apply it to one side of the foam ring using a paint brush. I found that a large craft brush worked better than a standard paint brush. I applied it to every spot that I could reach without having to flip it over.


Allow Mortar to Dry

Since I mixed too much mortar, I needed the mortar to dry quickly…so I used my hairdryer! It may take a few hours for the mortar to dry if you allow it to air dry.


Apply More Mortar + Allow to Dry

Flip the dried mortar wreath over and apply the mortar to any exposed foam. I blended the new mortar with the dried mortar by applying a small amount to the dried portion.

Let the mortar air dry or dry it with a hairdryer…your choice! I allowed mine to air dry overnight.

Lightly Sand Mortar Wreath

With the foam ring completely covered in mortar, it was a little rough.


In order to smooth it out and get rid of any large clumps, I lightly sanded the wreath. I did this using my 220 grit sand sponge. I was very careful to not sand one area too much or the foam ring would be exposed.

Seal Mortar Wreath

Seal the mortar with a clear coat sealer. I used a spray clear polyurethane to seal the mortar (because that’s all I could find). I sprayed one side and allowed it to dry before flipping it over and spraying the other side.

Paint Wooden Beads

Instead of hanging the wreath with just a rope, I decided to add wooden beads to the rope. I chose to paint the wooden beads green to add just another pop of color. I painted the wooden beads using an acrylic paint and craft brush.


Attach Stems to Mortar Wreath

I used faux boxwood stems that I had on hand for this wreath. I just love the look of boxwood stems!


I cut the stem into several smaller pieces using my wire cutters.


I then secured the stems to the wreath using a hot glue gun.


Attach Rope to Mortar Wreath

Once the painted beads were dry, I secured the hanging rope around the wreath. I then strung the beads on the rope and tied it off with two knots. This made a little loop to be able to hang the wreath.

Add Non Slip Furniture Pads

Since I would be hanging this wreath on a dark painted door, I added non slip furniture pads to the back of the wreath. This will prevent the wreath from scratching the door and help to keep it in place.


Hang + Enjoy

This wreath looks amazing against a dark or colorful wall. It is the perfect simple, modern decor to add greenery to any space!


I chose to hang my mortar wreath on my black shiplap barn door and absolutely love how it looks!


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